Automatic TVSAT Tracking Antenna


Sitep OE-433(V)2 is a compact and light dual antenna TVSAT system for national and international television reception, which allows to receive DVB S1 and S2 from Ku- band satellites.
The high performance of the antenna during tracking operations is based on an innovative concept of X-Y mechanics, without zenith keyholes, which allow excellent performance at the equator.
This design derives from Sitep experience in the military industry and it is designed to operate under the most adverse weather conditions by providing complete stabilization on the three axes (roll, pitch, yaw).
A control unit called Pedestal Control Unit (PCU) mounted directly inside the antenna assembly manages motion sensing using the integrated IMU (Inertial Motion Unit).
Azimuth, elevation and polarization angles are converted into X-Y geometry and automatically stabilized by the PCU.

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