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Sitep Italia official partner in the military market are the following companies


The Ultra Electronics Group manages a wide range of specialist capabilities, generating highly-differentiated solutions and products in the Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets. We meet customer needs by applying electronic and software technologies in demanding environments and meeting critical requirements.

Ultra supplies advanced electronic and electrical systems and equipment to defence forces around the world. The Group innovates to provide specialist capabilities that are superior to the threat and that are closely matched to the customer’s environment and need.


Civitanavi Systems was established in 2012 with a vision to become a principal player in the provision of the design, development and manufacture of high tech solutions of Inertial Navigation, Geo Reference and Stabilization systems for both industrial and defense use (dual-use).

Civitanavi Systems is an Italian company which provides inertial solutions domestically and has developed in a short time an International market for it specialized products.

The company has been able to quickly develop and assemble a team of world leading experts in inertial technology with a solid background in the design and development of inertial sensors, navigation software, certification and manufacturing processes.

The company has acquired customers and end users for its inertial products in both industrial (mining, oil and gas) and defence (naval, land and air domains) in a relatively short time.


WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS provides the most powerful green laser devices commercially available. The newly formed company holds the patented laser technology that enables them to produce a high power, non-lethal deterrent green laser.

WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS manufacture ultra-lightweight and compact OEM laser modules for systems integration. They also designed and supply self-contained rifle and pistol laser dazzlers, using the same high power green laser technology. These devices provide the longest range of non-lethal deterrence of any technology currently available. Both are designed ergonomically and with the user in mind, allowing effective engagement on static and moving targets.